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Sweet Peas Too is an infant and toddler center in the Mission/Potrero neighborhood of San Francisco caring for children ages 9 months to 2.5 years old.  Our center offers loving and thoughtful care for groups of babies with dedicated teachers for each group at a ratio of three children for every one teacher.  The groups are comprised of infants or toddlers at similar stages of development and we provide flexibility in their daily schedules to provide consistency in care between home and school.  Our qualified teachers have experience with infants and toddlers and work together to plan and implement developmentally appropriate activities for each area of development for the children.   Our goal is to provide infants and toddlers with a high quality experience that not only meets their basic care needs but also promotes and stimulates their developmental growth and needs. Creating strong attachment and bonds to their caregivers is the primary goal for the babies and as they grow and develop, we guide social interaction among their peers. 

Our center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5p.m.  We offer placement at the center year round as space becomes available based on when families have applied to the center and the age of the child we are looking to fill the spot with at the time of the opening. Children are given priority acceptance at our preschool site once they reach the age of 2 years 5 months, and will be offered if space becomes available.